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Partners in Continual Growth and Progress

At RTD Insights, our team delivers valuable solutions to companies at every stage of
the business lifecycle

Who we are

With backgrounds in operations, FP&A, investment banking, and technology, we have deep-rooted expertise working with agility in highly complex and demanding environments. Our clients approach us with unique operational challenges – we provide them with versatile insights and execution.

Our offerings

Delivering agile, differentiated solutions to clients every step of the way

Latest Insights

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Data Analytics

Big Data and advances in Machine Learning enable organizations to transform analytics into business strategy and value. These novel techniques span across all dimensions of organizations, including strategy, culture, and processes. We can help you harness this power to provide unique, data-driven insights for your company.

Solutions for Growth & Mature Companies

Successfully growing and scaling a company adds additional layers of complexity around governance, controls, and reporting. Private equity and venture capital firms expect more in-depth reporting and  strategic planning. We help improve these processes and make financial and operational workflows more seamless, efficient and effective.

Business Meeting

Solutions for Startups & Early-Stage Companies

Entrepreneurship is not an innate trait, it is a skill that can be practiced with discipline and improved over time. Whether its receiving seed or late-stage capital, investors expect a meticulously thought out strategic plan, validated by research and experience.

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